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Our Quality

We are focused on clinical excellence, quality and optimal outcomes for our patients

Patient Satisfaction Survey


We are delighted that results of our latest survey demonstrate that 98.5% of our patients were satisfied with their experience, with 84.5% of these being either very or extremely satisfied.

Clinical Governance

The practice has a rolling Clinical Governance process to monitor professional development and all quality issues across the practice.

Each physiotherapist at Physiolink is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Through external independent assessment the HCPC ensures that all physiotherapists meet the national standards of professional conduct and continued professional development. All physiotherapists at Physiolink are able to demonstrate that the quality of the physiotherapy service they provide meets the required standards set by HCPC. Over recent years, two of our physiotherapists have been randomly selected for CPD audit by HCPC for audit and each met the required standards without need for revision or update. The HCPC did not randomly select a Physiolink member for audit in 2016. The  next audit will be in 2018. Meanwhile the high standard of continuing professional development and quality will continue via internal audit and quality processes.

“My GP personally recommended Physiolink and I’m really glad she did. I feel more flexible and comfortable than I have in a long time, thank you!’

“Excellent knowledge, friendly and focused.”

“I have had physio before but have never had such a thorough assessment. After the assessment a physio was assigned who was best suited for my problem. I am really impressed with the set up. I can’t speak highly enough of the practice”

“I am a Pilates teacher in Pinner and having seen some excellent progress in one of my clients following a severe elbow injury and surgery started to refer other clients. They all too made remarkable progress. I was impressed with the level of care offered and the exercises prescribed for the client to help themselves at home which I feel is very important.”

“I had been a while back and was impressed then, I was even more impressed this time. I thought the physio was fantastic and I am completely better now. All the staff were lovely and very efficient. Thank you.”

“My physiotherapist was able to immediately recognise the previous unreported injury that probably is one of the major factors in my condition. I was very impressed with his knowledge and techniques.”

“It was so obvious that my problem was handled correctly and professionally.”

“I was treated by a therapist who has excellent people skills. I understood what the problem was and what his approach was going to be, from day 1.”