Musculoskeletal Conditions


Our expert musculoskeletal physiotherapists treat all spinal and joint conditions, sports injuries and general trauma and provide rehabilitation post operatively. You will be expertly assessed before treatment commences and a treatment plan agreed with you. Treatment may include joint mobilistion, deep soft tissue techniques, acupuncture and postural correction. In most cases, an exercise programe will be prescribed to do at home as well as all important advice regarding self management

Spinal Pain and Dysfunction

Our spinal treatments help with reduction of pain and return to function following prolapsed disc, sciatica, scoliosis, localized or generalised back and neck pain and/or stiffness, referred arm and leg pain, and headaches of spinal origin

Joint Pain and Dysfunction

Our joint treatments help with reduction of pain, and return to function for painful and/or stiff joints i.e. shoulder impingement syndrome/rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, wrist tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, anterior knee pain, housemaid’s knee, osteoarthrosis of knees and hips and ankles etc.

Sports Injuries

Our sports injury team manage strains, sprains, and bruising to tissue such as may typically occur in the hamstrings, quads, Achilles and patella tendons etc., as well as treating ligament and cartilage injuries. Well known conditions that we commonly see include jumpers knee, shin splints, throwing injuries, tennis and golfers elbow, twisting and lifting injuries of the spine etc.

Injuries to muscles, ligaments, tendon & bone

Our treatments include management of whiplash injury, and rehabilitation following sprain or fracture around any and all joints

Work Related injuries

This service includes assessment and treatment of work related conditions (RSI) as a result of poor work station posture. On site work station assessment can be provided by special arrangement

After Orthopaedic Surgery or Injury

Our studio is ideal for joint rehabilitation and return to fitness following joint replacement, spinal surgery, fracture or sports injury

After Resection surgery

We also offer soft tisuue and gentle exercise programmes for restoration of movement in the months following tumor resection surgery i.e. following breast, head or neck surgery

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