Our Pilates  classes are a gentle and non aerobic way to help you improve abdominal and back strength, balance,co-ordination, flexibility and posture. At the heart of these methods is the aim to encourage you to take control of your body once more in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Pilates can be particularly useful for poeple with poor posture, weak core muscles or back pain,

Our sessions are particualrly designed for clients who are worried that if they try to exercise they will injure themselves. We aim to restore your confidence by strengthening your core so that you can ultimately return to the exercise of your choice. Our sessions are led by physiotherapists who will expertly guide and progress you through exercises as safely as possible so as to maximise benefit and minimise risk of re-injury. They will then be able to offer advice on other types of exercise that are right for you

Often our clients have one to one sessions with the physiotherapist for two or three sessions until they are safe to join a group. We have a maximum of six clients per group so that the physiotherapist can monitor clients individually throughout each session. We have both evening and daytime classes

Pilates Timetable


11.00   Beginners and Intermediate

12.30   Beginners and Intermediates


10.30   Beginners

11.30   Intermediates and Advanced

12.30   Beginners and Intermediates

6.00    Beginners and Intermediates

7.00    Intermediates and Advanced

Classes are limited to 6 members and on occasion in a smaller class beginners are able to join an Intermediate class.

If you have spinal pain and have not been recommended by a physiotherapist it may be necessary to see the class Pilates instructor for a 30 or 60 minute initial assessment and preliminary session before joining the class class (charged at the usual physiotherapy rate)

“I have been attending the Pilates classes at Pinner Road, run by Sue Pearson, for 12 weeks. Within these 12 weeks I have strengthened my core muscles and have had no problems since. This is due to the individually tailored exercises that I have received and the care taken by Sue to make sure that you never do any exercise that would cause pain. I cannot recommend this class highly enough – in my opinion this Pilates class rates 10/10”

– Satisified client