Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

This statement provides clarity of the policy for management of personal information (PI) for patients at Physiolink Clinics Ltd. Such personal information will be used by staff members solely for the purpose of management of each case and for correspondence with relevant medical practitioners and health bodies also concerned with the same case.

Physiolink Clinics Ltd will not share PI with any party other than those directly involved in the medical care of each particular case. Physiolink Clinics Ltd. may contact its patients by email with information relating to treatment. Patients may receive text message reminders of appointment times.

Personal information may be stored securely by Physiolink Clinics Ltd for an indefinite period as per primary care practice. Patients may request a copy of patient records in writing. Physiolink Clinics Ltd will provide these at no charge within one month, to be collected in person for reasons of data security.

Physiolink Clinics Ltd will discuss medical information with a family member who accompanies a patient only with verbal consent of the patient. For family members not present verbal or written consent is required by the patient before personal information can be disclosed. Patients will inform Physiolink Clinics Ltd of any change of details ie address, email address phone number.

All patients are given the opportunity to consent to these terms before treatment commences. Patients who decline these terms will be given the opportunity to discuss which elements they do not wish to consent to prior to treatment starting, in discussion with the practice manager.

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