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Pre-op pelvic floor exercises help prevent erectile dysfunction following prostate surgery

One of the most common side effects of radical prostate surgery is erectile dysfunction. Depressing? But there is some good news.  Results from a small trial by researchers in Sao Paulo Brazil, show that men who have pelvic floor muscle physiotherapy with biofeedback training once weekly for three months before prostate surgery, are significantly more likely to have normal erectile function a year following surgery, than those without physiotherapy intervention.  For many men however, there will not be the luxury of a three month wait between diagnosis and surgery and so the treatment opportunity is not there. Alternatively it may not be easy to access a specialist physiotherapist in your area. But why wait? Even if you never have any prostate intervention, a strong pelvic floor can improve sexual function.  So get practicing: Squeeze and lift from your back passage as if stopping the escape of wind, then let go. Do the same thing but this time using the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine. Now try lifting from the back and front together  so that you are lifting up underneath completely. Do clusters of 10 lifts three times per day. Each cluster should comprise 10 lifts held for up to ten seconds each, with a ten second rest between each lift. You may not get the hang of it straight away but practice makes perfect as they say, so keep trying. If you want to see if you are doing the exercises correctly, stand in front of a full length mirror. As you pull up, you should see your testicles lift and draw in slightly. Not sure if it’s happening? Expert physiotherapy can help you get it right, and provide you with your own individualised exercise programme.  If you are about to undergo surgery, or have just had prostate surgery it’s not too late to seek out your nearest expert physiotherapist to get you on track. All of you out there: get lifting!